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RFB 2019-33 Amphibious Vehicle.pdf4/17/2019582,258 bytes
RFB 2019-65 1B plans_11x17.pdf4/12/2019156,446,557 bytes
RFB 2019-65 1A Technical Specifications.pdf4/12/20197,797,739 bytes
RFB 2019-65 1C Bid Form.xlsx4/12/201924,002 bytes
RFB 2019-65 1D Approved Material List.pdf4/12/2019123,280 bytes
RFB 2019-65 1E General Permit-2018-2019 Water Distribution Improvements.pdf4/12/20191,111,362 bytes
RFB 2019-65 2018-19 Water Distribution Improvements.pdf4/12/20191,040,676 bytes
RFB 2019-70 Biosolids, Hauling, Disposal and Backup Dewatering.pdf6/6/2019751,095 bytes
RFB No. 2020-04 2019 Routine Road Rehabilitation.pdf7/3/20195,478,227 bytes
RFB No. 2020-04 Excel Tabulation.xlsx7/3/201914,620 bytes
RFP 2019-71 Attachment A - Future Land Use Element GOP.pdf7/10/201910,640,261 bytes
RFP 2019-71, Planning and Design of Master Plan for AC6.pdf7/10/2019801,067 bytes
RFP NO. 2020-02 Neighborhood Expansion Phase 2.pdf6/26/20196,350,185 bytes
RFQ 2019-61, ADA Composting Restroom.pdf6/24/2019489,079 bytes
RFQ 2019-64 Cistern Removal at Fire Rescue Station 84.pdf4/18/20191,416,145 bytes
RFQ 2019-74, Third Party Administrator.pdf6/24/2019475,939 bytes
RFQ 2019-75 Control Panel Drawings.pdf6/20/2019776,620 bytes
RFQ 2019-75 Figures 1-12.pdf6/20/20191,240,014 bytes
RFQ 2019-75 Grit 1 Sheet 1-4.pdf6/20/2019762,662 bytes
RFQ 2019-75 Headworks.pdf6/20/2019461,203 bytes
RFQ 2019-75 Park 2 Sheets 1-8.pdf6/20/20191,364,769 bytes
RFQ 2019-75 Park1 sheet1-7.pdf6/20/20191,630,408 bytes

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